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WIN-HP Internship Opportunity

WIN-Health Projects provides a year-long internship program with three main components: health promotion and practice training, hands-on job experience, and community outreach.

The objectives of the internship are:

  • Design a professional workspace for students and community members to collaborate and create new health content for WIN-HP

  • Provide B-CU students with fundamental knowledge of program development and implementation, communication campaign design, and an overview of translational science experience

  • Provide B-CU students with professional experiences in clinical research, public health, and communications

  • Give back to the community by training the next generation of Scientists and Health Professionals through the summer K-12 STEM and Health Program

 Our goal is to create a cadre of students who are exposed to the following fields:

  • Translational Research

  • Health Disparities

  • Public Health

  • Community Engagement

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research

  • Clinical Research

  • Health Communications

Additionally, it provides an environment for mentorship and networking.  The WIN-HP Model is based on the LINK-ET Model (Wilson, 2012).  This model provides learning opportunities through training, mentoring, collaboration and teamwork, research and shadowing, and professional development arms.  The students simultaneously participate in multiple arms of the initiative to draw connections and gain an authentic translational science experience. They participate in didactic and hands-on training using real-world educational sources like CDC Learning Connections and Florida TRAIN to prepare them for on-the-job learning activities.  They also are required to complete IRB training as part of the initiative. Secondly, they conduct research or participate in shadowing internships to apply and observe the classroom concepts in real-time. 

Through our seminar series, community partnerships, and all the learning opportunities, the students gain access to professional development opportunities that encourage mentorship and networking.  Lastly, the students must give-back through outreach activities that help them see their work's value.  They can engage with community members and provide resources and access to services that decrease real-world problems related to the social determinants of health and healthy behaviors.  They provide education on the science of different diseases at a literacy level where community members feel comfortable asking questions and creating dialogue. We highlight the community outreach and activities led by WIN-HP students on this page. Check them out below!

WIN-_HP Mentorship Model.png

Depression Prevention


COVID-19 Prevention 


Autism Awareness


Sexual Health

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