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SEX-AP is a student-led initiative that was founded with the goal of spreading awareness and promoting prevention methods/information to different college campuses on the various STDs and STIs. STD stands for “sexually transmitted disease,” and STI stands for “sexually transmitted infection.”, where every STI is caused by a bacteria or a virus, which can progress into an STD and every STD begins as an STI. SEX-AP stands for STD Extermination Xperience- Awareness and Prevention where the team members of this initiative will research the different STDs that will be used to spread awareness, create different informational flyers to have and pass around to the students, and begin reaching out and contacting different community partners and the different university heads in order to have access to their different campus resources. The main objective of SEX-AP is to spread awareness about the different STDs, the different measures that can be taken, and the overall prevention methods of these different diseases at OCCN (Outreach Community Care Network) and CAN community health, which will lead individuals to be well-informed and have better decision-making skills.

Here's Some Stats

STD stands for “sexually transmitted disease,” and STI stands for “sexually transmitted infection.”  Every STI is caused by a bacteria or a virus, which can progress into an STD. Every STD begins as an STI. At the end of 2021, the most recent year for which data is available, an estimated 1.2 million Americans were HIV positive. About 87% of them were aware that they had HIV.  Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the cause of the immune system disease known as AIDS.

S & T(Specific & Time based)-The goal for the S.E.X.-A.P. intervention is to spread awareness and promote prevention methods/information to different college campuses like Bethune-Cookman University, Embry-Riddle, and Daytona State University about the different STDs like HIV and Herpes, reaching out to hopefully most of the student population by June 2024.


Condom Run Campaign

Outreach Community Care Network offers services for mental and behavioral health, STIs and HIV testing and treatment, and substance abuse treatment.  They have case managers onsite to assist with social connections and increase access to different services available in the county. They are a gem in the community and a small business.  They do not have a marketing team, so we collaborated to promote their services. We developed an awareness campaign called the Condom Run to raise awareness of the services offered by OCCN for free or at a low cost.  The Condom Run included the development of Condom Packs called Pals, which included QR codes for OCCN’s website, information on STI testing services on the package, and flyers.  Stickers with OCCN information were placed on packages instead of the actual condom wrapping with the idea that people would hold on to the container after using the condom and they would also have the information.


Increase awareness of HIV and STI testing and treatment services offered by community partners.

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