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The Importance of AUTISM

Autism is a developmental disability that often presents with challenges before the age of 3 and lasts throughout a person's lifetime. Early identification, treatment, and support matters! Many important outcomes for children's lives are significantly improved with early diagnosis and treatment.

AAR’S Infinite Pieces is a student-led initiative that gears towards educating adults and children by bringing awareness to the definition of autism, providing resources in the community to help aid parents and kids with autism, and informing individuals about the services and government assistance available. Autism is a neurological and developmental disability caused by differences in the brain; where some people with autism have a known difference, such as a genetic condition, and other causes are not yet known. AAR stands for Autism, Awareness, Resources and Services, where the team members of this initiative will conduct various community outreach events, host family sensory activities, and promote information via social media to achieve the goal of education and awareness. AAR’s main objective is to inform the community about autism to build more knowledge and create an integrated society that welcomes autistic individuals without ridiculing them or simply not knowing how to approach and interact with them.

Facts About Autism

  1. One in 44 children is diagnosed with Autism

  2. Boys are 4x more likely than girls to get diagnosed with autism

  3. It is a neurological and developmental disability that affects motor, speech, and social abilities

Sensory Friendly Haunted House

The 1st community Haunted House was a success.  Over 300 community members attended (count verified from waivers). The University Communication Team developed the following video, which has over 2,250 views on social media. Forty students were trained on Autism 101 and received certificates, and over 60 students received ten community service hours for their comments on this event.  Children went through the haunted house multiple times and enjoyed the trunk-or-treat experience. In addition, the student Haunted House event the night before raised $500 for the Autism Center of Excellence.


These flyers were used to promote the events

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