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Community Outreach and Health Needs Assessment

Over $15,000 in Incentives provided for Feedback and Engagement
Community Outreach Event

At the heart of WIN-HP are the community outreach activities.  WIN-HP partners with different community-based organizations (CBOs) and provides educational material, learning activities, refreshments, incentives, and access to services and resources for community members.  In addition to the flyers that we create and the educational material we order and develop, we work closely with our partners to promote their services.  We offer the following educational services to the community:

●       Tabling at community events

●       Panels of experts

●       Interactive presentation

●       Social Media Campaigns

●       Coordinate with the Community Partners for onsite services

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us concerning your community event!  We would love to be there!

Community Health Needs Assessments

This year, WIN-HP launched its chronic and infectious disease Community Health Assessment (ciCHA). This assessment will provide information on the interests and needs of the 32,114 communities in Daytona Beach and beyond regarding chronic and infectious disease treatment, knowledge, and access to care.


The assessment was created during the summer of 2022 and is developed based on 13 evidence-based assessments, including the Cooper University Healthcare Community Health Needs Assessment and the Department of Health & Human Services Health Survey. The ciCHA has been a short-term goal of WIN-HP since its inception, which will allow us as team members to research and provide more knowledge and information to the community on the various illnesses, diseases, and health concerns prominent among the results of the assessment where each community member who takes the survey will receive a $25 gift card. 

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